Are all your clients in France?

Our office is in France, in Paris, but it’s a big world, and what’s keeping us from working elsewhere? Nothing. We’ve already helped create the North African start-up media Le Desk au Maroc, worked on the redesign of L’Orient-Le Jour in Lebanon, pitched in on the local sites for Airbnb in Japan, Canada, and Thailand … We’ve done projects for clients like Elior and Eurovia, and content we’ve created has been consumed well outside the French and European borders.

Does Datagif make gifs?

Well, yeah, but we also make: ideas; recommendations; identities; design of every kind, including motion design; videos; websites; apps, and platforms. So the answer is yes, but not only.


How do you pronounce the ‘gif’ in Datagif?

Officially, the creator of the .gif format came down on the side of “jif.” But in reality, it depends. In the USA, it’s like, “gyif.” It made us smile hearing “Dadagyif,” but we pronounce it with the “j” sound. There is one thing we’ll never give in on: we say, “ZE wee fee,” not “WhyFi.” Period.


Internet is a long love story for us. We love it so much we made a sweatshirt for it (out of stock), three tote bags (out of stock) badges (available in the shop here), flags. Internet is life. Internet is good company.


● Because we’ve already done posters, we’re designing flags.  


● 3615: Internet.


● Sometimes we also print internet.


● Source : Internet


● Be one step ahead of the stockout


● So that you, too, can proudly adorn yourself with Internet, we’ve designed two badges with Internet Pin Company. Get ‘em while they last here.


● To take internet with you at any time.

Where in Paris are you?

In the 11th arrondissement (in a neighborhood with plenty of places to get coffee, lunch or buy books and posters.)


I want to work with you. When do we start?

All of our job postings are here. For internships, freelance work or spontaneous applications, write to We’ll try an answer all the mail we get. Sometimes we get an awful lot, which is great, but that means we might not answer each individual note — sorry about that.

What social networks are you on?

So, who is Datagif and when did it all start?

Datagif has been around since 2010, so we’re celebrating 10 years in 2020! Gaëtan Duchateau and Florent Guerlain are the founders and co-directors. Datagif has been a completely independent agency from the start. The team has grown over the years and comprises about a dozen creative people with complimentary skills.


Do you work on print projects?

Yes, of course.

How do I get in touch?


You mention ecodesign a lot, what is that?

The idea is to change the way we think about projects in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. We’re not going to start a revolution with just a few clicks, but we do intend to shake up a few habits … We can now propose small changes in our approach that can make a project more responsible — so that servers use less energy when running clients’ websites or applications, for example.

You do non-client projects, what's the business model ?

One of the goals we had in creating Datagif was to overcome the “profitability-first” constraint, in favor of “creativity-first.” How can you evolve or find new ideas without pulling your head out of client briefs from time to time? It’s our way of getting some fresh air, without always running everything through the mill of accounting.

Does that mean you work for free?


Would you work on any kind of project?

Yes and no.
Yes, because we haven’t chosen to specialize in one sector or one type of project. We know how to adapt to the constraint of geography, planning and resources.
No, because if we did not believe a project was viable, we’d be honest and say so.

What types of projects or clients do you like most?

To be frank, the more our clients differ from one another, the more we like it. We love gaining new expertise and knowledge; we don’t like reproducing the same thing on an assembly line.

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Plan de travail 3@2x
Plan de travail 2@2x

What’s up with Datagif and media?

Media is awesome. It’s where pure information emanates and circulates — where readers take it on board, remix it and propagate it … It’s all about uncovering challenges of readability, attention, monitization — things we can apply to our non-media projects as well.


Have you ever thought about creating your own media?


What’s Opengif?

A few times a year, we hold an evening event where, along with a client, we present a project. The idea is to describe the methodology of the project, its results, and approaches we abandoned, with direct feedback from the client of course. These events are open to anyone who wants to sign up.

At the
Bapbap brewery
in Paris!
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How many plants have you got in your office?



How much does a website cost?

We put together an estimate based on the number of person-hours we think it will take to build the site to the client’s specifications. If needed, we ask questions (we love asking questions) to better define the scope of the project and give the most exact estimation possible, given how much time it will take to do the project correctly. If the project is still a bit fuzzy around the edges, we can start with a mission aimed at sharpening it up.

Do you respond to requests for proposals?

It’s been known to happen, yes, but we try not to spend our time putting together bids. Sometimes it’s obligatory, if we want to work on an attractive project in the public domaine, for example. But for a boutique agency, responding to requests for proposals is not a super profitable exercise. We much prefer starting a discussion with a prospect well ahead of a project, and beginning a collaboration that’s based more on confidence.

28 seconds to go around Datagif?

28 seconds ? Ok.