In 2020, we took the time to analyze the daily life and organization of our agency to define and implement our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy. What positive decisions have we made to change our habits and how can we maintain them over time? What sources of negative impact can be corrected and how can we engage our team, our partners and our clients in this necessary cross-functional common approach?
You will find the answers to these questions and our CSR approach in this document.

We have defined four main axes that correspond to our approach:

  1. A company on a human scale that cares about the well-being of its employees
  2. A daily environmental and social conscience
  3. Responsible services
  4. A culture of sharing

1. A company on a human scale that cares about the well-being of its employees

Strengthen our approach of life quality at work

We ensure that the professional and private lives of our employees are balanced and respected. Our work tools and regular meetings allow us to manage project fluctuations and team workloads, and to act accordingly: spreading out projects over time, calling on external resources if necessary, etc.

The flexible implementation of our home office policy allows us to keep regular moments of sharing in the office and the flexibility of the collaborators’ workplaces.


Ensure the development of employee skills

Knowledge sharing is a daily business at Datagif. We exchange information through our communication channels about our discoveries, new products, hidden gems and our own experiences with our projects and clients.

Every two months, we organize a Research & Development session to which the entire team is invited. Our employees can share their knowledge, findings or research on a topic they want to share, whether it is eco-design or new software features. In this way, individual knowledge is regularly passed on to the whole team.

Throughout the year, we encourage our team members to broaden their skills, whether through a webinar, training or exchanges with other professionals. In order to identify the appropriate training, we discuss individually the wishes for progress or the difficulties encountered. The use of the CPF, the Personal Training Account, is encouraged and we offer to take 50% of the individual training time on working time.

In 2021, our training plan is in line with our CSR strategy and we are training in responsible communication.


Fostering diversity within the team

As signatories of the French Diversity Charter, we are committed to fighting discrimination and promoting diversity within our team.

The tax on apprenticeship is paid to organizations that promote diversity and equal opportunities. In 2020, we supported the association “Le réseau” which acts for equal opportunities in national education.


Transversality and internal communication

Our human-sized team and the organization of our offices promote direct and simple communication. Our digital tools also allow us to keep a close link within the team, especially during home office periods.

Every semester we hold a project sharing event so that everyone can learn about the ongoing and completed projects of other team members. This includes the sharing of won and lost tenders, projects that we have refused, as well as elements on the company’s strategy such as recruitments or the arrival of new clients.

2. A daily environmental and social conscience

Implement a waste reduction program, raise employee awareness of eco-actions and monitor our energy consumption

Eco-gestures are at the heart of these two issues. This may seem obvious for some points but we felt it was necessary to make sure that we respect them; and that we can still improve!


  • we have a French green electricity supplier
  • we closely follow our energy consumption in order to reduce it as much as possible (LED, heating programming, etc.);
  • we sort all our waste;
  • we recycle our toners with a certified organization;
  • we maintain good waste reduction and reuse practices: reusable sealed bowls, eco-labeled purchases;
  • we set up an annual cleaning day in order to put away, throw away, give away, erase what we no longer need;
  • we donate our unused equipment to associations. Equipment that cannot find a second life is recycled.

    Pursue our approach to low-carbon mobility

    More than half of our employees travel to work by bicycle or on foot, the other half by public transport. As a result, 100% of our trips in the Paris region are made using public transport or transport with reduced environmental impact.

    Since July 2020, we have been offering a sustainable mobility package to compensate for the use of alternative means of transportation.

    For our rare trips outside the Ile-de-France (Hi there Dijon Theater 👋 ) we take the train. And generally speaking, we avoid flying when an alternative solution exists.


    Systematize responsible purchasing

    We have changed the way we manage our supply inventory. We now favor eco-labeled products from responsible and local suppliers as well as products with a longer than average life expectancy.

    For the maintenance of the premises, we use a specialized company that uses non-polluting products.


    Maintain good relationships with business partners

    We take care to establish and maintain lasting relationships with our partners. With some of them, we have established links since our creation.
    Datagif has always been committed to prompt payment. Our invoices are paid upon receipt by bank transfer. The accounting organization for the receipt and payment of invoices is centralized, and ensures a follow-up of the invoices received in order to pay them on time.

3. Responsible services

Strengthen internal skills on digital responsibility, transparency, accessibility and data protection

Digital technology can no longer be imagined without eco-design. That’s why we make our employees aware of the concrete application in our business of good practices in responsible digital design, transparency, accessibility, and data protection. And it’s not enough to turn the background of a site black to ease your conscience. It’s much more than that.

In June 2021, we participated in the “Responsible (eco)design for digital services” certification course.


Make our clients aware of the challenges of responsible services

We coach our employees on the levers that allow us to increase our clients’ awareness of responsible digital communication. At the start of projects, we establish the possible options for carrying out an eco-designed project.


  • Environmental contribution

    As of June 2021, all our project quotes include a contribution of 0.25% of the total net costs to compensate for the environmental impact generated by our services and travel; but also all the digital activity associated with this project. We are convinced that everyone’s action against climate change and against the destruction of biodiversity must be accelerated and amplified.

    Our contribution, which goes beyond the estimated annual emission, will allow us to act and have a significant impact, rather than simply compensating. Datagif and its clients can work together on a concrete action that fits into their respective CSR strategies.

    The annual amount collected is transferred in its entirety to environmental protection programs chosen by all Datagif employees at the end of the year.
    An annual report on the amounts donated, the programs chosen and the contributors is published and sent to our partners.


Strengthen our position in responsible digital technology

Our responsible digital approach is formalized and integrated into the general presentation of the agency and its various communication channels. We include them in our presentations and responses to calls for tenders.
We share articles dedicated to this theme in our bi-monthly “Media” newsletter.


Maintain dynamic customer relationships

To ensure a constant dialogue with our clients we use sharing, co-construction and participative tools. In this way we guarantee the smooth progress of our projects and direct communication without intermediaries.


Maintain healthy relationships with our competitors

As signatories of the “La belle compétition” Charter, we are committed to transparency, responsibility and sincerity in our responses to calls for tenders and with regard to our competitors.

4. A culture of sharing

Pursue our skill-based and pro-bono sponsorship projects

Since the creation of Datagif, we have had the opportunity to support projects that we wished to support, by contributing our know-how. For example, we have designed the identity and website of the association “Clé“, which fights illiteracy, created a platform to promote local media with the Festival de l’info locale, and created a back office and publication interface for a young student media.


Sharing our expertise through events and publications

In our bi-monthly newsletter “Médias” we share with a wider audience our innovation and media design watch. To date, 3004 subscribers receive it every two weeks.

During our previous Opengif events, we presented a project realized by the agency, in the presence of our clients and partners. The idea is to tell the methodology of the project, the results, the abandoned tracks, with the return of the customer. And of course a cold beer.

CSR management

We closely monitor our actions listed above and produce an annual report taking into account our successes, our needs for improvement and developments in our company’s sector.
Datagif CSR representative :
Leonie Schmidtmer