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DATAGIF is a SARL company with a registered capital of €351,000

You can reach the company by phone at + 33 9 5267 5927

DATAGIF headquarters is at 35 rue Chanzy, 75011 Paris, in a cool neighborhood with lots of nice places. If we ever work together, we’ll probably bring you to our favorite neighborhood café. ● DATAGIF is listed on the Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés de  Créteil under the number 522 153 501. ● The VAT number is FR46522153501 ● Our email (no spam please) is

The director of publication for the site, who is responsible for the wordy language, is Gaëtan Duchateau.

You can contact him to complain about any long-winded sentences here:


The site is hosted by Alwaysdata 91 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré 75008 Paris.


Information collected by the sign-up forms for the newsletters MÉDIAS and DATAGIF is stored in a computer file by Datagif to constitute a distribution list. ● The information collected is stored by the email marketing company Mailchimp 🇺🇸 ● The data are kept until the stored addresses become the object of an unsubscribe request. ● You can access your data, correct it, request that it be deleted, or exercise your right to limit your data’s processing. You can at any moment withdraw your consent to the processing of your data. ● Visit the 👀 website for more information about your rights. ● To exercise your rights or for any questions about the processing of your data by this site, you can contact Datagif at the address listed above ⬆️ ●

The site you are viewing is the 5th version ● Graphic design and technical direction are by Datagif. ● Ivan Daum 👌 is the developer ● The office photos were taken by Martyna Pawlak 📸, apart from the archival photos and the project photos ● The typeface is Lausanne ● The text was translated into English by James Connell 🇺🇸 and Geraldine Daly 🇮🇪 ● If you have read this far, you need to get some help 💙