Data visualization for better instruction ● Subjects aimed at a variety of audiences ● Mixing data and illustrations


Sharing know-how

How do you promote a sectoral study? Explain the advantages of a platform? Get users to discover functionalities? Our subjects are varied but one thing ties them together: a desire to teach.


Illustration, infographic, motion design? We help you pick the best approach


Adapting the message to the audience

Everyone knows the giant tech companies, but when they need to speak about a given topic, we help them choose the right tone and the right channel.


Clear and direct messages

To present an abstract or digital concept, we change our perspective on a subject to highlight its benefit, or use its analogy in a similar situation.


Combing through data to make it speak

We can use anonymized datasets to pull out usage patterns to inform our designs communications tools: mini-sites, motion design, illustrations, etc.


Creating a unique identity tailor-made for a new product

We guide our digital clients in the creation of an identity for their product, event or campagne, adapting our designs in parallel for print and web.


With draw on deep experience in data visualization, information campaigns, and communications platforms to guide our clients through their digital projects. 


Creating identities, illustrating studies, designing communications campaigns, simplifying information: if you have a digital puzzle to solve, let us guide you.