Bingo Typo

When game shows meet free typefaces


Bingo Typo is a selection of free typefaces we like. Each character is presented in the context of a French TV show. 

Featured in It’s Nice That.


Getting the game of politics, in data



240 pages of battle through graphics, diagrams, shock sentences and drawings, rewinding the entire Fifth Republic and comparing the left and the right on dozens of themes: dubious legion of honor awards, the unemployment curve, parity, sexism … “Left / Right, the greatness and decadence of the political machine” was published by Fleuve in 2016.


Our word-tracking tool

For the 2017 presidential election, we upgraded our tool that counts word occurrences on the home pages of online papers. Now we can easily ask Tracker to follow any competition, whether political or sporting! The tool can automatically count the number of times a name or word appears on the homepages of a selection of French and international media sites.


Generate graphics even if you’re not a graphic artist



We regularly advise media sites and are always on the lookout for good ideas, and new tricks and techniques to innovate and enrich the experience — for the reader and for the editors — and to make content shine in new ways. Over six months, we created and ran a pop-up news site to put ourselves in the shoes of the editors we advise and to test our intuitions. Directly from the CMS, the editors were able to create curves, pie charts and bar charts without any technical or graphic design experience. Since then, we’ve deployed this tool in some of our client projects.

The color of the extreme right

Grabbing the eye dropper



While working on the redesign of, we stumbled upon a tough question:  What color should we use to represent the far right National Front party in infographics about the election results? Black? Brown? Yellow? We searched and compiled the color schemes used for the extreme right party on screen and in several newspapers. This color archive is updated regularly at election times.

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Recommendation #fail



A great swath of information is available for free online. On the other hand, media organizations place ads around their articles. Among the many ad formats are the infamous “You may also like” links, which serve articles that are (usually) way out of context. We spent some time juxtaposing some of them, just for laughs. In this little booklet, everything is true, nothing made up.

Taking stock ahead of the legalization of same-sex marriage

A paving stone in the marais



Closet, Coming-Out, Marches, Politicians, AIDS, TV series, Video games, Slang: These are among the entries that came together in a primer illustrated with data visualizations.

“Dernier inventaire avant le mariage pour tous” was published by Stock en 2012.